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2023 台北逛街地圖|不想買國際品牌?流連忘返的購衣勝地在這

2023 Taipei Shopping Guide | Tired of International Brands? Discover Taipei Fashion Destination

I carefully share this 2023 Taipei shopping map with all the travelers! I provide 6 different characteristic locations, including Shilin Night Market, Zhongshan MRT Station Commercial District, Ximending, Taipei East District, Wu Fen Pu Wholesale Market, and Shida Commercial District. Additionally, I introduce the nearby MRT stations, clothing price ranges, and nearby night markets for each location, allowing you to have a perfect and fulfilling day trip from shopping during the day to enjoying food at night. At the end, there are some personal thoughts about how Taiwan’s prices have risen much faster than wages and how food prices are also expensive, which is different from over a decade ago.

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Vol.01 : Thank you for your warm heart

L later sent me a postcard, confessing that he wrote me cards every time he was on the toilet. I was a bit taken aback, but then he explained how his trip started off great, but quickly turned into a nightmare with all sorts of mishaps and obstacles. From falling ill in Budapest to staying in less-than-comfortable backpacker hostels, L even briefly considered throwing in the towel and heading back home. But then he remembered my encouragement and found the strength to push on and finish the journey.

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One-day tour of Jiaoxi, Yilan: No-car itinerary to enjoy natural scenery, specialty scallion pie, classic afternoon tea, and hot springs

For Yilan travel, in addition to thinking of Luodong and the city center, the popular area of Jiaoxi will of course not be forgotten. This time, I will share the Jiaoxi one-day trip without driving itinerary achieved by using the Taiwan trip package, starting from Taipei to Yilan County Jiaoxi Township for sightseeing. The entire journey is calculated from taking the bus back and forth from Taipei, and the cost for a single person is about NT$1,500 (not including the cost of buying souvenirs). Recommended attractions include Linmei Panshi Trail, Tangweigou Hot Spring Park, Yuanlai Ru Chi Hot Spring, and Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park, as well as alternative attractions and food, special souvenirs, and transportation recommendations. It is suitable for light travel and couples to enhance their feelings.

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香港東涌半日遊|從現代 Outlet 走入傳統漁村,回到舊香港菜市場

Hong Kong Tung Chung Half-Day Tour | From Modern Outlet to Traditional Fishing Village, Back to Old Hong Kong Market

There is a huge outlet near the Tung Chung MTR station in Hong Kong. If you like sportswear and boutique brands, you can have a good time shopping there. A small traditional fishing village is just a 15-minute walk away. If you continue walking a bit further, there is an old Hong Kong-style market that has been renovated, where you can experience local life. Compared to tourist attractions in Taiwan, there is not much to see near Tung Chung Station. It is close to the airport, so if you don’t want to be too busy on your last day (or first day), you can take a leisurely half-day trip here.

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元朗 千之壽|香港・美食|元朗超大份量平價壽司店,簡直是港版三味食堂

Yuen Long Sennoju | Food in Hong Kong | Yuen Long’s Affordable Sushi Shop, The Hong Kong Version of Sanmi Itadaki

Hong Kong is a very expensive place, and if you want to eat Japanese sushi, you may have to either spend a lot of money at a high-end restaurant or choose a chain conveyor belt sushi shop. However, there is another option: the Hong Kong Japanese restaurant “Sennoju” located in the non-popular tourist destination of Yuen Long. This affordable sushi shop offers high CP value and large sushi ingredients.

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Sheraton Hong Kong Tung Chung Hotel | Accommodation in Hong Kong | Sea View Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Overlooking Hong Kong Airport, Quiet Corner Outside the Bustling Area

Last year, due to pandemic-related policies, I stayed for three days at the “Sheraton Hong Kong Tung Chung Hotel” located in Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It is a 5-star hotel that opened at the end of 2020 with 218 rooms and suites. The sea-view floor-to-ceiling windows offer a beautiful view of the distant Hong Kong International Airport! Staying here is suitable for arranging a three-day trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, Tai O Fishing Village, and Tian Tan Buddha. It’s a 15-minute walk to the Tung Chung MTR station to take the cable car. I recommend it to travelers who want to stay near the airport but may not be suitable for those who want to explore the city center of Hong Kong.

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