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One-day tour of Jiaoxi, Yilan: No-car itinerary to enjoy natural scenery, specialty scallion pie, classic afternoon tea, and hot springs

For Yilan travel, in addition to thinking of Luodong and the city center, the popular area of Jiaoxi will of course not be forgotten. This time, I will share the Jiaoxi one-day trip without driving itinerary achieved by using the Taiwan trip package, starting from Taipei to Yilan County Jiaoxi Township for sightseeing. The entire journey is calculated from taking the bus back and forth from Taipei, and the cost for a single person is about NT$1,500 (not including the cost of buying souvenirs). Recommended attractions include Linmei Panshi Trail, Tangweigou Hot Spring Park, Yuanlai Ru Chi Hot Spring, and Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park, as well as alternative attractions and food, special souvenirs, and transportation recommendations. It is suitable for light travel and couples to enhance their feelings.

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香港東涌半日遊|從現代 Outlet 走入傳統漁村,回到舊香港菜市場

Hong Kong Tung Chung Half-Day Tour | From Modern Outlet to Traditional Fishing Village, Back to Old Hong Kong Market

There is a huge outlet near the Tung Chung MTR station in Hong Kong. If you like sportswear and boutique brands, you can have a good time shopping there. A small traditional fishing village is just a 15-minute walk away. If you continue walking a bit further, there is an old Hong Kong-style market that has been renovated, where you can experience local life. Compared to tourist attractions in Taiwan, there is not much to see near Tung Chung Station. It is close to the airport, so if you don’t want to be too busy on your last day (or first day), you can take a leisurely half-day trip here.

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