I’m Yuuha.

I’m a web designer and have millions of interests, especially travelling. I have joined loads of courses. I have two annoying cats. 

I read, study programming and coding, draw, watch films (horror films particular), and play league of legends in my leisure time. 

Learning: yoga, piano, scuba-diving, painting, driving

I am also travelling and taking pictures at any time. 

If you, by any chance, would like to have a chat with me, drop a message through Instagram or email. The link is at the top left corner. 

“Your life is the landscape I came from afar to see.”

— Sakyoto daily day-off

Use tools

This website build-up by myself, Although the progress is slow.

There are many technical problems or exchanges that we can discuss together, it’s really difficult and complicated to set up a website and back-end program. ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕ლ)

Source from

Most of the photographs and pictures were taken and designed by myself, especially the travel-related ones.